Final show shwag!

3 Feb

Quick! Send us an email to or leave a comment to ensure that you will get some shwag! Thanks to Ronny over at LEGO in Denmark, we have plenty of LU things to give away; hundreds of Exclusive Astronaut minifigs (that only came with a pre order purchase) Hundreds of classic LU Posters, a few LU faction T-Shirts (XL paradox, XXL venture, XXG sentinal), a bunch of LEGO Universe logo stickers, a couple of LUP event 2007 dvds, a few LU nametags, 5-6 exclusive Nexus Force rockets (perfect with the minifigure), and a few Official Stragety Guides (If you’re making an LU “time capsule” like I am, these are perfect as they document every nook and cranny of LU and its storyline before crux, valiants, nexus tower, etc.). We will aslobe receiving Limited Edition LU DVDs from Ronny. Everyone gets a minifig and a poster (plus a few for friends) and I’ll try to divide the extra shwag evenly. But do email us or post a comment, and also tell us if you wear a XL, XXL, or XXG shirt :P.

Hey: thanks, everyone.




Sad news, and FINAL SHOW NEWS

31 Jan

Hello, friends. Lego universe, the best game ver, was closed last night. It is very sad, and we are all morning the loss. But Lego universe will live on in the hearts of us all!

As for the final show, it should be recorded this friday night. If you would like to contribute to the final show, leave a comment here, or send a quick email to . Thank you for your support over this past year.
Play well, Explorers.

Something is coming..

5 Jan

Something is coming. Something big. Something epic. Something that calls itself “The final show”


The Blueprint

13 Dec

Hello, Explorers! I’m here to finally officially announce the Plan for Secrets of LEGO Universe:

Now: I will try and release all the shows that have been recorded. Thi is the reason for the lack of recording recently. The last regular show will be recorded on 12/23/11

Next: We willl begin work on the final show. Not to give away too much of the awesomeness, but this show will be the ultimate. We will release teaser trailers as the work progresses, and short bits that aren’t full shows, but don’t have to do with the final show.

Finally: I can’t say too much, (1. Don’t want to spoil it 2. I don’t know all of what will be there,) but  the final show will be epic. It will have Lu office content, stuff from players, and a lot more.

So I hope that patience persists, and that the teasers tide you over. Play well, untill Friday.

No show tonight….again

25 Nov

Hey everyone! Sorry to say it, but we are too busy to have a show tonight? This coming week, I’ will strive to release all the shows that have been recorded up to this point. More lu office content coming! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and have a great week.

The ” I loved LU” Rally

22 Nov

Hey there, folks! Morgan here. If you watched last Friday’s episode at at 8:00pm est, (Hint: that’s a great way to experiance the content early!) then you will have noticed that we have been bringing people on the show to say some words about what they liked about LU and what it did for them. And if you missed the stream, well, we did. I will be incorporating a few of them into each show leading uo to the end, and I will play all of them in a special, going-out-with-a-bang way on the final show. Do you have something to say about what the game did for you, or what you liked about it or did in it? This is your chance to tell the world (and members of the LU team)! Email us to with your skype ID (or if you dont have one, just post your comment and i’ll read it.), Or leave a comment here (same rules apply). Thank you guys so much! Talk to you next week!


Talking them up.

18 Nov

Hey, people! Yes, I’m getting a headstart and calling you “people”, because in about 2 months we won’t be minifigs or explorers anymore. Well, don’t forget to tune into this weeks recording of SOLU, where we’ll be talking up the lu team (who is being idotically ridiculed just becasue they have to end the game). Anyways, just join us at 8:00 est., will ya? Thanks, guys (guys is a statement that refers to all members of the human race. AND MONKEYS!) :P.