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The Blueprint

13 Dec

Hello, Explorers! I’m here to finally officially announce the Plan for Secrets of LEGO Universe:

Now: I will try and release all the shows that have been recorded. Thi is the reason for the lack of recording recently. The last regular show will be recorded on 12/23/11

Next: We willl begin work on the final show. Not to give away too much of the awesomeness, but this show will be the ultimate. We will release teaser trailers as the work progresses, and short bits that aren’t full shows, but don’t have to do with the final show.

Finally: I can’t say too much, (1. Don’t want to spoil it 2. I don’t know all of what will be there,) but  the final show will be epic. It will have Lu office content, stuff from players, and a lot more.

So I hope that patience persists, and that the teasers tide you over. Play well, untill Friday.