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No show tonight….again

25 Nov

Hey everyone! Sorry to say it, but we are too busy to have a show tonight? This coming week, I’ will strive to release all the shows that have been recorded up to this point. More lu office content coming! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and have a great week.


The ” I loved LU” Rally

22 Nov

Hey there, folks! Morgan here. If you watched last Friday’s episode at at 8:00pm est, (Hint: that’s a great way to experiance the content early!) then you will have noticed that we have been bringing people on the show to say some words about what they liked about LU and what it did for them. And if you missed the stream, well, we did. I will be incorporating a few of them into each show leading uo to the end, and I will play all of them in a special, going-out-with-a-bang way on the final show. Do you have something to say about what the game did for you, or what you liked about it or did in it? This is your chance to tell the world (and members of the LU team)! Email us to with your skype ID (or if you dont have one, just post your comment and i’ll read it.), Or leave a comment here (same rules apply). Thank you guys so much! Talk to you next week!


Talking them up.

18 Nov

Hey, people! Yes, I’m getting a headstart and calling you “people”, because in about 2 months we won’t be minifigs or explorers anymore. Well, don’t forget to tune into this weeks recording of SOLU, where we’ll be talking up the lu team (who is being idotically ridiculed just becasue they have to end the game). Anyways, just join us at 8:00 est., will ya? Thanks, guys (guys is a statement that refers to all members of the human race. AND MONKEYS!) :P.


Lu is ending. BUT WE ARE NOT!

5 Nov

At least for a while. Yes, we are very sad to have received the information that lego universe is ending. But hey! 1. there is sti;; three months left 2. we still get to seee frostburgh again 3. they had new games in mond for the future. So we will continue podcasting on whatever Play Well Studios brings forth. Thank you.

Coming soon!

2 Nov

Hey, everybody! Just wanted to tell you that we will be releasing more, more, and oh yeah, a bit more great podcast episodes and Lu Office content! Coming soon to your local!