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A break for the co-hosts!

28 Aug

Hey everyone! We are back from the LU office in Colorado and we had a GREAT time! Just wanted to give you co-hots a heads up: you are getting a break! We thought that it would be cool to just have Morgan (me) and Jonathan doing just a couple shows solo, since we have some great content to talk about, and there are some questions that we can’t answer. This was totally our idea, and it wasnt influenced, Neal. So check back with us soon, and we might have a show soon! Enjoy!


Woah, what happened?

23 Aug

It appears that an agent of the Darkitect managed to mangle the audio for Episode 30. Some brave Sentinal minifiguresĀ discoveredĀ the treachery, but not before the damage was done. A special thanks goes out to our friends in Paradox who somehow managed to help us reverse the damage. If your version of Episode 30 sounds horrible please download this new version.

Go forth explorer and smash a horseman for me!


Episode 30 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

22 Aug
A Podcast about Lego Universe.

Cool info here šŸ˜‰


19 Aug

YAAAY! Join us live tonight at for the show! WE have some cool stuff to talk about, so dont delay!
P.s. Wow. I’m the new Billy Mays, the way I worded that.

Episode 29 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

18 Aug
A Podcast about Lego Universe.

Hey Explorers! Sorry we are a bit late in theĀ release of this one. This show features Morgan, Jonathan, Nealybealy, and Aronwk. Some cool news and more great new content! Really funny part in the show and in the bloopers, don’t miss it! The show after next, we will be in Colorado! I will maybe post our day agenda, but anyway, Enjoy!

LUSecrets. Unite. Discover. Play.


Rated Arr.

16 Aug

Ahoy, mates! Capin Jack knife here, with some important news! Them Guys over at Secrets of Lego Universe have a few things to say. Morgan? “Yes, hello, Jack. We do indeed have some news for fans. First, I am putting a segment right here on the blog for you to do!” Well how about that, matey! “Yeah, Jack. Stay tuned for more on this in blog segment! And the latest episode should be out very soon!” Oh boy, I can’t wait! I love them segments ‘O yours. Thanks Morgan! “No problem, Captain Knife!” Alright, mateys, stay tuned for more from me, Jack Knife!

Tonight, tonight, there’s a party in the studio, Rockin’ LU

12 Aug

Friday is HERE! We have got a great show in store for you tonight, at 8:0o est at . It looks like we should have Jonathan, Morgan, Neal, and Aaron here for the show, all with thoughts about the great new gear! And there will be a party afterwards. The party will have teams of people doing acheivements and missions to get Universe points. Hope to see YOU tonight.

-Morgan, Secrets of Lego Universe