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The podcast time.

23 Jun

Hey there, everyone! I just wanted to tell you that we wil be holding the podcast on Friday. We are trying to start earlier, so please try and make it to the stream by about 7:30pm est. Cya there!


New poll: Why do you like the Secrets of Lego Universe Podcast?

22 Jun

Episode 22 – The Secrets of Lego Universe: The Battle.

20 Jun
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
An entertaining show, with some guest hosts. In this show, everyone is fighting in Calvary Hill. Another great installment of Solu.

A new start time! (And the basic stuff about the podcast.)

19 Jun

Hey everyone! Just wanted to tell you that the new start time will be around 8:00 est on friday! Again, that’s at  for the live stream. Our permanant hosts are Jonathan, Morgan (me) , NealyBealy, and possibly Aaronwk, and guests. We will try to release new podcasts with in three days of there recording. Well, hope to cya there, ya’ll! THIS WILL BE CHANGED DO NOT REGARD ALL INFO IN THIS POST

Episode 21 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

16 Jun
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
A great new show with guest hosts, and a lot of Nexus Tower action! All this and more on episode 21!     LUSECRETS.   UNITE.DISCOVER.PLAY


16 Jun

Hey everyone the time for the podcast has changed to 9:00, cya there!


16 Jun

Hey ya’ll just wanted to inform ya that the podcast stream will be tonight, thursday, at about 8:30. It will liekly be the same next week if we don’t take that day off, but after that it should be the same. Cya in the universe!
P.s. There possibly might be second lu podcast in the making by us……