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Episode 18 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

25 May
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
We talk more on Nexus tower, listener mail, who will likely be coming on the show, and the latest entry in Dr. Overbuild’s nexus tower diary! A plug for a friends show, how Morgan plans to use his safari models, and much more! A regular, awesome episode with Morgan, Jonathan, and Neal.                                                                           LUSECRETS.  Unite. Discover. Play.

Episode 17 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

19 May
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
We’re back and booming with episode 17 of LUsecrets! Announcing and utilizing our contest winner, walking you through Avant Gardens missions, saying when Elementron should be on, and much, much more!          LUSECRETS. Unite. Discover. Play.

No show again today, But SPECIAL EPISODE NEXT FRIDAY!

6 May

Hey, hey hey, minifigures! Again, there will be no show today. Hopefully though, we should have a special episode on friday on May 3’s update! The break has been dissapointing, BUT it is nearly over, and when we are back, were coming back with a BANG! So much new content, I can’t even spill all the details and tips here! Guess you’ll just have to wait for friday! That’s all for now, but look out for a hint at some possible guests after this paragraph. Lastly, announcing the OFFICIAL Lego Universe fan Dragonmaw Chasm grand prixs! These will go on and on and on. So others can hold races at dragonmaw chasm, but ours WILL BE THE OFFICIAL PRIXs! >:) .Thanks for rocking LU with us!

                                                   -Morgan, Secrets of Lego universe.

P.S. Hint: Lego peeps, and a lot of fans. (Neither guarenteed)