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NO SHOW TODAY Friday, April 22

22 Apr

So sorry I’m late w/ with this ya’ll, but ther is no podcast tonight, due to good friday. Don’t know what that means? In short, good friday signifyes the death of Jesus Christ, wayyyyy back when. When Jesus died on the cross, the common time marks B.C. and A.D. were made, and time was split! Well, last weeks show should be realesed soon, so coming soon! So sorry folks, but fret not! a show will be streamed and recorded TOMOROW! We don’t know yet when, so just keep up on ustream to see when we decide. Thanks folks, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEALYBEALY!!!! *Party horn noise*   Thanks for rocking with us!

-Morgan, BobaFett5/ Jonathan, SmallHadronCollider/Neal, NealyBealy/Andrew, Andrewepic


Episode 15 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

15 Apr
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
 Tognight we have returning and permanant host NealyBealy, and a fun guest host, AndrewEpic! We have most of the usual segments, and we announce upcoming dates that S.O.L.U will not be released due to schedule…. aggrangements. All on this exciting episode of the best LU show on the market!


14 Apr

Hello fellow explorers! Podcast host bobafett5 here. ust wanted to give a friendly reminer to PLZ not copy my segments! It is very bad, and its not right to do by us. I’ve seen copied PropSecrets, GearReport, and maybe another on other Shows come out after we did ours. Just please stop coping us those of you that are.  I’m not mentioning any names, but don’t contact me and ask : “did you mean me?”. Thanks guys, last fridays show should be posted today! Don’t forget to come to my stream tomorow! Thanks for listening, i’ll be talkin to ya.


Episode 14 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

7 Apr
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
A new voice joins us on the show this week. Want to know who it is? You’re just going to have to listen to find out.

Episode 13 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

3 Apr
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
An epic show with listener emails, in-game special content, and a HUGE load of fun! Also, a list of all the new gear coming out in april! All in episode 13 of the best LU show on the market.