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Episode 9 – The Secrets of Lego Universe: Battle of Nimbus Station!

28 Feb
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
We got a huge suprise this week. Elementron sent us a signed LU poster (signed by everyone on the LU team), a new unrealesed little LU poster, Faction t-shirts, a netdevil shirt, and more! All in this weeks edition of Secrets of Lego universe! You can listen to it or watch it here.

Site for tonight’s stream & first poll!

25 Feb

The link for tonight’s stream (at 8:OO Eastern time) is at:! This link takes u to ustream, where we stream the show and the fan get together (thats my name for the EPIC time we have on LU with the people that watched the stream, on!). Have fun and cya tonight! And now, our first poll! Chose what is your Facorite Faction at this link!

Friday Stream; BE THERE!!!!

24 Feb

Alright evryone!!! What am I gonna say? That’s right, Podcast stream on  Friday! Yes, we roll cameras at ideally around 8:OO EST. time, and something special happens this week, and you’ll want to be on to see it! Here’s what is…. IDK!! See, Elementron sent me a package (in the postal mail), and he says don’t open it untill the stream! its about threee and a half feet long, and saped like a triange with about threee inches for each side. I can’t wait to se what it is, so be there to see our reaction when I open it!! And also, an added bonus for watching, for about an hour+ after the show ends we stay on stream and play and chat  with the listeners that were watching!! So I hope that YOU can make the stream! Make sure that you are aware of the time difference between EST. time and your time if you arent in that time zone. That’s all I have for today, and I hope to see you in the universe! cya soon, ya’ll!

                                                                     –Morgan (ShockVelocity5)

Episode 8 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

20 Feb
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
 A great show, listener tips, acheivements of the week, and more crux prime gear and news! Some listener shout outs, and a new contest and some early winners! (The recording of this episode was broadcast live on ustream)

Team nexus meeting Today! 1:30 est

19 Feb

Hey ya’ll! Team nexus meeting is today at 1:30 est time at ShockVelocity5’s Forbidden valley property, “Superior Ninja Fort” I will be recruiting some  new leaders, and i hope to see YOU come and hang out if your a member of the team or not! If u wanna be a mamber, u can come and we can see if ur in! come hang with us at 1:30 est!!! cya then!


Friday stream & Team nexus meeting!

15 Feb

Ok, everyone, as asked, there will be a Team nexus meeting! It should be at around 2:00 est on this saturday at my FV (forbidden valley) Property, “superior ninja fort” ! Hope to seee some of ya’ll that are in the team, or just wanna hang out with me and other fans of the secrets of lego universe podcast! We’re gonna play some games and stuff, so a heads up: “if you don’t have a dice, run on over to the paradox refinery gear vendor and grab one! we are gonna use dice in part of the games, so be prepared!” also, get some gool gear in your dock for trade, i’m hoping to have some people leave with some new gear that they’ve traded! Hope to cya on friday night’s d=sream and saturdays’s meeting! cya!


15 Feb

I’m not willing to say it was the Malestrom who did this (we’re still investigating) but we had an issue with a early release of the podcast where Elementron’s voice was supressed! If you have a copy of the show where Elementron’s voice can’t be heard after about 20 minutes please download a new copy. We want you to be successful in your mission! We will get this important information out to you! Have fun listening, and here’s the way to delete the “vintage” file and grab that new one from iTunes:

Open up iTunes, click “Podcasts” on the left and click the triangle next to “Secrets of Lego Universe”

Delete the bad file

Right click on the episode and choose “Delete”

Click “Remove”

Click “Move to Recycle Bin”

Show all podcast episodes


Right Click on “Secrets of Lego Universe” and choose “Show all available episodes”

Get it!

You should see the special episode again. Click “Get” to get it!

It's downloading!

That’s it! The new version of the show should be downloading.
The last step? Listen to the podcast and enjoy!