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Our Christmas podcast break over! LUtime!

31 Dec

 Aye, ya’ll! Morgan here. We took a Christmas break last weekend, but we are going to record again this weekend. This is new years eve, and we might record tonight, or tomorow. So the main thing i want to say is, please write in to, and tell me what your name is in the game! My guys are Ninja5, BobaFett5, and ShockVelocity5. I’ll be on shockvelocity5 most tonight and the weekend. Thx for all your support, and thxs to BugFinder, JasterMereel, Kodi, and whoever else of my friends in LU that have checked this out! Hey Guys! Last, check us out on Ustream! I’ll try to post when we are gonna record and stream, so watch the blog! GTG, So I’ll cya soon!!!!

 -ninja5 out


We’re in itunes! ep. #1 i.t.c.

10 Dec
A Podcast about Lego Universe.

Hey ya’ll, ninja5 here. I’m posting to give you ep. #2, and to say that we are now in the itunes store!                  Woo-hoo! So check us us there, just search: “Secrets of Lego Universe”! Also for feedback, send comments to:! And you can comment here too, of course. Enjoy the show, and cya later!

-post you later

We’re rollin’ now!

7 Dec
A Podcast about Lego Universe.

Oh yea! Hey ya’ll, ninja5 here. Im just sayin that were rockin’! The podcast is so OUT!! Come on over and subscibe! Cya there!

-post ya later

Podcast coming

5 Dec

Hey ya’ll and welcome to the blog for the Secrets Of Lego Universe Podcast! I’m ninja5 (on lego universe)! The podcast is just getting out, and i’m glad to have you aboard. Come and check out the show! Use the link to subscribe, and enjoy!

-post you later