Lego Chima Update

5 Nov

Well, It turns out that Lego Chima is probable just a new line of sets. Still Exited, though!



Lego Chima

5 Nov

Hey, Explorers! I’ve just found out about Lego Chima. Could this be the alleged Funcom project? I will post again when I find out. Check it out at



The Funcom Project and a New Podcast

10 Sep

Greetings, explorers! Morgan here. It’s been so long… so many memories… But we are still here! As you all know, LEGO has partnered with Funcom to create a new MMO. When this materializes, we will do a show about it. On a personal note, I’ve missed all of you! The best way to keep in touch with me is to email me or follow me on twitter (@MorganWalz). I look forward to talking to you all again soon!



LU Goodies

2 Apr

Hello, Explorers! Morgan here. It has been a sad time for us and many of you since LU closed, and we would like to provide you with a few keepsakes to remember all of the good times of LEGO Universe. Within a few days I will either make a post requesting email or create a form so that YOU can get your items.

That’s about it for this post, so submit a form for goodies! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Morgan, SecretsOfLegoUniverse.

The Final Show

24 Feb
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
Listen Here
 Well, here we are. The final show. Thank you for all your support of this podcast. It’s been great. Lego Universe continues to be the best game ever in our hearts.
-Morgan and Jonathan

Episode 37 – The Secrets of Lego Universe

15 Feb
A Podcast about Lego Universe.
Listen Here
This episode was recorded on 11/11/11 but never posted. We blew the dust off of it and here it is. The final show has been recorded and the editing is almost done. We should have it up soon, but here’s something to tide you over.

Will the final show be this friday? Maybe.

6 Feb

Our scedule has been really whacky the past few days, and I’m trying to get a concrete final show time. Keep checking here for more info. Hope to see YOU at the final show.